Sincerest Greetings to you!

So, there’s so much to like about The Diaper Bank of Northern Illinois!

Did you know that?

Here’s what I like about The Diaper Bank.

It’s a small, happy organization that has a big smile as part of its logo. That makes me grin every day! Every single day!

We care for the youngest of infants, and the oldest of adults, from birth to maturity. Infants, toddlers, shut-ins, those who are struggling through illness, and both children and adults with disabilities. I love that about us, because if we think about that, it means every one of us knows someone who uses a diaper. That makes our mission easy to understand. 

The Diaper Bank is a 100% volunteer organization, which makes it SO amazing that we distributed 500,000+ diapers in 2020. That also means any donations that come to us are used for one of three things: To purchase diapers (to give away free of charge), to store diapers, or to move diapers. Yup, it’s that simple.

Here’s what YOU will like about The Diaper Bank.

When you send a donation to us, you allow us to send diapers to 28+ other organizations PLUS many individuals who WE work with, at the same time.
Here’s how that works.
If you give to us, we send diapers to food pantries all over the county. If you give to us, we send diapers to the senior service organizations. If you give to us, we send diapers to organizations that serve children and those who care for them.
If you give to us, we give diapers to those who have disabilities, to those who are ill, to those who are shut in, to those who are struggling with financial need, and to those who have NOWHERE else to go for help.
That’s right, if you give to US, you are giving to ALL the organizations AND individuals that we supply with diapers. Think about what a big bang you get for your buck, friends. It is downright awesome, and you should like, no LOVE, that about The Diaper Bank of Northern Illinois.

So think about us, EVERY day, AND ESPECIALLY NOW during this continuing time of Covid, as we aim to do it all over again in 2021.   

Gratefully yours,                                         

Rev. Phyllis Mueller