About Us

The Diaper Bank of Northern Illinois is a not-for-profit (501c3) organization, which distributes diapers, free of charge, to people in need, throughout McHenry County. Our Diaper Bank was the first to be created in Illinois, and is the ONLY Diaper Bank in McHenry County. We distribute 300,000+ diapers a year, through fifteen (15) McHenry County partner not-for-profit organizations, and Direct Client Care.  

The Diaper Bank is a happy, welcoming place, which receives no government funding, and depends on the support of local donors, businesses, groups, churches, and organizations. We are a volunteer organization---100%. We are all about DIAPERS and those who need them most. 
Interested in helping us out? Contact Rev. Phyllis Mueller at 815-385-5437 or by email at RevPhyllis.DiaperBank@gmail.com.