During this Covid-19 Pandemic time we are working hard to stay open, curbside and always observing Social Distancing Standards.  Please be prepared to do the same and have patience at all times. 
FYI, and with great thanks to all of our wonderful volunteers and supporters, we were able to distribute 500,000+ diapers ONCE AGAIN to those in need in 2021! 
Think of all the good that distributing that amount of diapers offers to those in need. Health, cleanliness, happiness, and dignity are just a few of the important life enhancing gifts that go with our diapers, as we hand them off to families (who can demonstrate financial need) who have infants and toddlers, kids and adults with disabilities, the elderly and the sick. It is truly an amazing mission! 
But we don't get this done without help! YOUR HELP! In order to continue, and reach out once again in 2021, we need YOU and your continued support. Such an important task at hand, and we can't do it without you!
Please think about a donation, or hosting a Diaper Drive through your work place, your church, or your community organization.  The ONLY thing more important to us than distributing diapers, is THE HELP YOU PROVIDE to us! So Pitch IN! We can't do it without YOU! 
The best way to help is to send us a check! (The Diaper Bank, PO Box 2014, McHenry, IL 60051).  Every cent you give goes towards the purchase of diapers, the storage of diapers, or the delivery of diapers! OR you can also Go to PayPal, or GoFundme! (THE DIAPER BANK OF NORTHERN ILLINOIS) OR just hit the donate button on this website! Do WHATEVER is best for you. Just please friends, DO IT!